Living in Vision offers professional coaching for business and leadership development. This kind of coaching improves your life and career skills in planning, team-building, communication and handling change.

Because she’s accredited in a variety of coaching methods, Lynne is uniquely qualified to help you in these areas.

Emerging leaders and managers who are committed to achieving their highest potential have advanced their career by working with Lynne Brisdon, a Professional Certified Coach. She has a proven track record of assisting clients to achieve their career and leadership goals.

Since you’ve chosen a challenging path as an executive in a growing company or as leader of your own business, you need someone who can help you bring your strongest skills to each step along the way.

Lynne is that tried and true adviser.

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Lynne helps you define and clarify your greatest vision and encourages you to LIVE it now.

A happier life. A rewarding career. A thriving business. Meaningful relationships. Radiant health and vibrant wellness. All within reach.

Reclaim the Energy to LIVE!