Are you longing for a better life, feeling frustrated, even complaining? Have inner peace and contentment become difficult to attain? Are you ready to make changes but not sure where to start?


A happier life with a rewarding career, a thriving business, meaningful relationships, radiant health and vibrant wellness are all within reach. You can reclaim the Energy to Live!

If you want to stop feeling stuck and dissatisfied … You are in the right place.



Meet Lynne Brisdon, Professional Certified Coach.

Lynne has been supporting people through life transitions for over 20 years. She sees your potential and new possibilities even when you can’t. Through conversations that draw on a variety of coaching methods she’ll guide you to get your life back on track.

Even though you feel that life is slipping by and the need to make change is becoming urgent, you may feel hesitant. Staying with what you know rather than face unwanted consequences feels safer.  It’s time to be courageous.

Book an Appointment for a complimentary consultation with Lynne to learn more about the Living In Vision 7 Step Program.

Lynne keeps your internal flame alive, by assisting you to define and clarify your greatest vision and encouraging you to LIVE it, now.