LIVE Leadership Development Coaching

On the leadership track, you know commitment to personal and professional development is essential for serving your organization, your community; to achieve goals for you and your team. Too often leaders sacrifice their true nature to become the leaders they think they should be. With Lynne’s approach you are encouraged to be authentically yourself, mindfully leading others for optimal results.

Lynne has coached emerging leaders within non-profit and public sectors for over a decade. She has also held Director roles on non-profit boards and contributed to their operations, as well as working for large non-profit organizations as a business coach. She draws on over fifteen years of coaching experience.

Your leadership skills development is achieved by increasing self-awareness and aligning personal values with organizational values to attain authentic authority. Fostering collaboration with an empathetic approach to communication, clarity of vision and definition of a strategic path to accomplishing it are also key. Resiliency, personal boundaries, delegation and ownership of personal power also come into play. You’ll be held accountable for learning and action steps while being affirmed as you explore underlying thoughts and beliefs which impact your behavior and choice.

Lynne’s leadership roles have included: Program Coordinator for BCIT’s Self Employment Program and founder of Living In Vision Enterprises. She has also held a Board role as Coach Giving Chair, Vancouver International Coach Federation Chapter, responsible for oversight of Coach Giving Programs, such as the Minerva Foundation’s Helping Women Work, and the inception of new programs. While in the role she grew the committee by planning and recruiting for succession. She was also Chapter Treasurer a few years earlier.

Other Director roles were held with the BC Urban Entrepreneur Association and the Leyline Centre for Spiritual Practice. She also held a key Finance Committee role while living in a Housing Co-op. In her earliest board commitment with a Day Care Society she played an instrumental role in its start-up and became President overseeing grant acquisition and the opening of a day care center in rural B.C.


I am so thrilled with the positivity that has come from our coaching sessions.  Lynn’s approach is open and honest.  She provides opportunities for discussion and reflection.  I have had many “Aha”  moments both in our sessions and since.  She has provided me with tools and insight that have proven invaluable in the art of leadership…. I am connecting with my staff, they feel valued and are working hard.  Some have shared feedback:

“… your support and kindness make a huge difference in my life.  A person cannot help but be affected by your energy that is both positive and uplifting.  I look to you as a mentor, and as someone that I hold in high regard”

Another, …”sees me as a model of professionalism.”

Wow – thank you for all you have given me!!!

CP, Manager, Community Housing


Lynne helped me grow in my leadership and has been such an amazing influence and inspiration. She’s an awesome coach!

RK, Financial Manager