LIVE! Programs are designed to get you moving toward your vision and attaining it.


The LIVE 7 Step Coaching Program is Lynne’s signature coaching package designed to guide you on a bold new adventure or get you back on track if you’ve become derailed.


Accelerate your progress in becoming a better leader. Be more authentic & effective, with improved communication, delegation and organizational skills.


Get more traction in your business.  Whether you’re in start-up or growth you’ll be able to pinpoint barriers and move beyond them with expert guidance.


Take charge of your life instead or reacting to circumstances. Get clear on your strengths, find your purpose and fulfill your potential. Define and realize the vision for your ideal life.

What to expect in Coaching

You will reach your goals, ideally with ease and grace, although you may bump into some resistance along the way.

Change, means we need to challenge the status quo, question our beliefs and even our sense of identity.  Most often when we want things to change around us we are confronted with the realization that the required change must come from within. That brings up resistance for most people.

Coming through transitions can be done gracefully, if the commitment to stay the course is honored, rather than deflecting and backing off at the first sign of discomfort.



Whether you want to tackle a challenging life transition or develop your leadership skills, you will benefit from Lynne’s ability to reflect on what you’re going through and reveal patterns that no longer serve you so you can let them go. Throughout your coaching relationship you’ll be supported to realize your vision.  Ultimately you’ll be living true to your purpose and passion.



By combining the principles of coaching with healing Lynne provides a safe container to gently step through and beyond the belief patterns that hold you back. Coaching asks questions to explore, provoke and gain insights, while healing operates on a subtle subconscious, energetic level. Blending them brings about lasting change.

“Years ago, I was fascinated when my Spiritual Awareness teacher asked questions that not only revealed a student’s limiting beliefs but offered them new awareness.  I knew this was a skill I wanted to learn. Later while looking for practical ways to support people through change I discovered coaching, and developed skills to ask powerful questions to support their transformation.”

“In both disciplines I learned firsthand that my beliefs create a wall that keeps me from seeing other perspectives.  Different perspectives open up entirely new possibilities. Whether this was seen and named by a healer, or explored with a coach, the choice to keep it or let it go was mine to make.  I have freedom of choice.”


Lynne offers group workshops on request. Trained as a Spiritual Teacher, she offers guidance on mediation techniques, mindfulness, and a variety of topics designed to increase conscious awareness and thereby freedom of choice.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” –Anais Nin