Are you an emerging Leader who is frustrated because you are not advancing in your career?

Or a small business owner who has stalled and is struggling to take your business to the next level?   

Get moving by learning essential skills to get better at delegating, communicating effectively, meeting targets and impressing your managers and customers.

You’ll become an inspiring and engaging leader, so you and your team become high performers with Lynne Brisdon, MCC.

Lynne Brisdon, Master Certified Coach 

offers professional business and leadership coaching, giving you an advantage over other candidates for today’s positions and roles.  Lynne has helped leaders grow in large and small organizations for more than two decades.

Through business and leadership coaching, Lynne can help you leverage your personal strengths. You’ll widen your management skillsets by identifying gaps and addressing them, moving your performance up to the next level steadily and smoothly, in a supportive and encouraging space.

As a new leader, you will:

 develop your personal strengths;

 increase your confidence;

 work more effectively; and

 improve your team’s performance by becoming an encouraging mentor.

As an established leader you will:

 expand on your effective interpersonal management style;

improve communication patterns within teams to boost performance;

leverage the unique strengths and talents of your staff to help them develop; and

clarify and communicate strategic directions to gain positive outcomes.

Professional coaching for business and leadership development makes a significant difference.

Lynne is accredited in a variety of coaching methods, so she’s uniquely qualified to help you stride forward in these areas.

Leading Women by Vlada Karpovich
Leading Women Image by Vlada Karpovich

You’ve chosen an exciting path, as an executive in a growing company or as leader of your own business. You need a coach who can help you bring your strongest skills to every step along the way.

Emerging leaders and managers who are committed to developing themselves and their teams advance faster and more easily by working with Lynne. She has the credentials and a long history of assisting clients in these journeys.

Lynne helps you define and clarify your greatest vision and encourages you to LIVE it now.