Meet Lynne Brisdon, Master Certified Coach.

Lynne has been supporting people through business and life transitions for over twenty years, and sees your potential for new possibilities even when you can’t. Drawing on a variety of conversational coaching methods, she’ll help you get your life back on track.

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Why Work With Lynne?

Have BIG changes to make?

If you face complex problems, she’ll help you untangle the cluster and get your life back on track. Lynne has helped hundreds of people through significant transitions. Starting successful businesses, having meaningful careers, transforming personal and business relationships, and getting ‘more comfortable in your own skin’ are all part of her regular coaching practice.

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Is opportunity slipping by and your need for change becoming urgent? You may hesitate because staying with what you know rather than facing unsettling consequences feels safer.

It’s easier to be courageous with the support of a helpful and kind companion.

Lynne has changed careers more than once, attracted and developed better relationships, and moved to new communities. Like you, she’s had to gain resilience through family issues, illness and loss. Now she shares that hard-learned wisdom with fellow travelers on life’s journey.

Lynne has been recognized as one of the Top  Business Coaches by Coach Foundation.

Lynne’s Methods

Lynne and her trusty steed.

Lynne’s unique approach, melding emotional intelligence work with coaching in dynamic, deeply moving ways, leads to practical, applicable results. Her support helps you confront what is happening in your life, and her many tools help you create your desired change.

Since 1999, Lynne has lent her professional coaching skills to support others in living their best possible lives. She refreshes and hones her skills in effective personal growth methods regularly.

Walking the Talk

Lynne leads an active life, serving clients, contributing to worthy causes, enjoying meaningful relationships, choosing vibrant good health and having fun!

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