Lynne’s Credentials & Experience

For Lynne, becoming a professional coach and trainer arose from the realization that an individual’s work could be stimulating, meaningful, and improve their quality of life.

Besides her private coaching practice, Lynne provides Business Coaching and Training to the Pacific Self Employment Program in Surrey, BC. Since 2004, she’s coached hundreds of new entrepreneurs through the challenges of starting a business. In 2014, she was publicly recognized for her work,  becoming a finalist for the Business Coach of the Year Award from the Vancouver, BC International Coaching Foundation (ICF) Chapter.

coach-crossword imageLynne also coaches emerging leaders through the Vancouver ICF Chapter’s Non-Profit Leadership Coaching Program and is the former Chair of their Coach Giving Committee.  During her time with Coach Giving, she coached and facilitated for the Minerva Foundation’s Helping Women Work Program. Her contribution continues as co-leader of North West Corner Coaches, an ICF Washington Satellite group.

Earlier personal and professional development with the Leyline Centre for Spiritual Practice guided Lynne’s own healing process while she supported transformation for others. There, she gained skills in healing, aura reading and finally, teaching spiritual practices.

Living In Vision Enterprises was founded to support people on a similar quest for a satisfactory life.

Before coaching, Lynne freelanced in corporate media as a production coordinator and assistant. Early on, her hopes for meaningful work kept her looking beyond conventional roles in retail, banking, administration, hospitality, and once, as a parts buyer in forestry.

  • Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation credentialed since 2003
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach since 2001
  • Certified Business Counsellor, APEC International Business, since 2013

Details of Lynne’s experience and training can be seen on her resume, downloadable here, or check out the details of her qualifications here

Download her Leadership Coaching Bio here.