Living In Vision Inspiration

Here’s a letter from a client which inspired the design for this website:


Dear Lynne,

This is what has happened to me over the past few months while we’ve been working together — I thought you might like to know this!

I am in a somewhat dark place, and can see only some very vague, shifting, shadowy outlines of what the future might hold.   My previously steady employment is gone, my financial security is precarious, and I am feeling alone with it all in spite of the efforts of my loving but untrained family and friends.  The edges of possible pathways shift and change in the dim light and shadows, and I can’t clearly make out how I will get from here into a place of light, abundance, security and confidence.

Looking around, I can see glimmers of light, like fireflies or starlight, that show me I am not entirely trapped here, and ahead, I can see the first faint glow of light on the horizon, heralding a new day coming for me.   But I’m uncertain of moving toward it in this gloaming, afraid of tripping on some of the wavering, difficult-to-see-and-navigate barriers lying between me and the glow of the new day ahead.

Like a friendly, guiding spirit, Lynne Brisdon appears, helping me put light onto the way ahead, and helping me choose the most direct, effective path through the still somewhat nebulous, shadowy obstacles in front of me.

She is holding a kind of lantern up for me, illuminating the surroundings and the obstacles so that I can navigate my way forward a bit and see a viable path opening up in front of me.

She encourages me, smiling, and soon helps me take hold of the lantern for myself, so that I can move ahead, but she stays with me supportively, easing my fear and sharing in the pleasure of discovering that some of the barriers are springboards and some are assisting tools, equipment and transportation toward my goal of self-sustaining work that enables me to grow and thrive.

The light is growing around me now, the darkness fading away to a rich, deep, pre-dawn blue shading toward the warm red and orange glow of sunrise ahead.

We keep working together, and the light is coming faster now, spreading all around me, helping me see and understand and act on the next steps with growing confidence and strength.    It’s a much lighter blue around me now, and there are pink and orange and red streaks shooting over the horizon toward me, warming me and cheering me and leading me onward into the day with growing confidence and eagerness, sure now that I’m heading the right way, and knowing deeply that I’ve done the necessary work to find the right path to the right place for myself.

Dawn breaks over the horizon, the sun rising upward into the sky, and all around me, other people can be seen on the same kind of personal journey, some still groping at the beginning, others far ahead of me, but all of them working their ways through their own terrain and sets of nebulous obstacles toward clarity and confidence.

With deepest gratitude for your support and help,


Leah M.