Professional Coaching

LIVE! Programs get you moving toward your vision, and achieving it.

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The LIVE 7 Step Coaching Program is Lynne’s signature coaching package. It’s designed to support you in a bold new venture or get you back on track if you’ve been derailed.

Leadership Development

You need to become a better leader, faster. You’ll get more authentic and effective using your strongest communication, delegation and organizational skills.

Business Development

You’ll gain more traction in business efforts, whether in start-up or growth mode, by clearly identifying barriers and negotiating them using your unique genius.

Personal Development 

You’ll take charge of your life instead of reacting to circumstances by getting clear on your strengths, finding your purpose, and fulfilling your potential. You’ll identify and then live your ideal life.


What to expect in Coaching

With coaching, you reach goals despite the resistance you encounter along the way.

Change forces us to question the status quo, challenge our beliefs and sometimes, do both at once.  When things shift around us, we’re faced with making scary internal changes from unfamiliar ground. So, we resist.

How it helps

We all handle life transitions gracefully if we honor our own higher goals.  This is a lot easier to do with a supportive journey companion rather than pushing them aside in fear of loneliness and discomfort.

Whether you’re tackling a challenging life transition or developing leadership skills, you’ll benefit by examining what you’re going through.  Together, you and Lynne will reveal and release behavior patterns that no longer serve you.  Ultimately, you’ll learn to live more truly within your personal purpose and passion.

Combined coaching and healing provides a safe space where you can break through old belief and behavior patterns that hold you back. Coaching helps provoke, explore, and use your insights, and healing frees your energy for positive use. Blending the two brings about lasting change, often with less effort than continuing to struggle.

What you gain

Lynne says, “Years ago, I was fascinated when my meditation teacher asked questions that not only revealed my limiting beliefs but led to new possibilities. This was a useful skill that I wanted to learn, and share. While looking for practical ways to support friends and family through change, I began developing coaching methods for bringing them to my clients.

“In my own coaching and healing journey, I learned firsthand that our beliefs often keep us from seeing other perspectives.  And new perspectives are the doorways to new possibilities. Whether the barrier was identified by a healer or explored with a coach, keeping it in place or letting it go was my choice to make.  I gained freedom of choice, and I believe that’s available to everyone.”

Classes & Workshops

Lynne offers group workshops on request. She offers guidance on Conversational Intelligence®, meditation and mindfulness, and understanding your own “hero’s journey”.  Her workshops are designed to increase conscious awareness and offer students freedom of choice.


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” –Anais Nin