LIVE Business Development Coaching                             

The path to starting a business or taking an existing one to a new level often feels like a bewildering maze.  This happens because entrepreneurship is a hero’s journey – those who gain allies along the way succeed sooner. You CAN fulfill your life purpose and express your passion profitably.

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This journey starts with a vision that aligns with your values, passion and purpose, defining a business that supports and strengthens your ideal life.

Such clear vision allows you to spot opportunities quickly and map out the paths that will lead your business forward. With this in place, we work on strategies, tactics, and moving into action.

Along the way:

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Beyond operating, financing and promoting a business, the most significant obstacles lie in the mind of the owner. You’ll learn effective techniques for breaking through old beliefs to replace them with ones that serve you better.

Relationship building, communication and conflict resolution skills can make or break your business.  Insights from Conversational Intelligence® and Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching help deliver on your leadership potential.

Lynne draws on 20+ years of coaching people through transitions and managing a self employment program so that you sail through the challenges of launch and growth.


Business Development Coaching is a three month program, and everything we discuss is held in strict confidence.

Entrepreneurship isn’t a revolution – it’s an evolution. Success comes to those who work through the discomfort of setbacks while delivering long-term value.

James Allen, author of As a Man Thinketh, once said, “. . .circumstance does not make the man, it reveals him.”  Your circumstances reveal you more positively than you might think.

business woman imageLynne’s business clients include real estate agents, bookkeepers, coaches, trades-people, artists, and health practitioners. Each has benefited from her encouragement, ability to identify their gifts and strengths, and gentle way of getting to the core of underlying issues.  They have successfully launched or transitioned businesses, and found many rewards on their journey.

“I found Lynne to be very knowledgeable, insightful, supportive and helpful. She obviously is an expert in her field and I would recommend her to any new business owner who is looking to learn and grow their business with a solid foundation.” Christine Byrne, CEO Asthma Care Canada Inc.

Please feel free to check out our archive of available resources, and then book a free first appointment to learn more.