Ride Your Emotional Roller Coaster & Stay Successful –  If you tend to be reactive, and feel like you are at the mercy of life’s curve balls you’ll appreciate learning how to be authentic and positive even in tricky situations.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and benched in your own game, you’ll have new ways to be responsive, present, and productive in your personal and professional life.

This workshop is co-facilitated with Vanessa Wiebel, masterful coach and dear colleague. We first offered this workshop in 2012, with a successful reprise in the spring of 2016, and are excited to present it again in a shorter, more streamlined format.

We have collaborated to put together key coaching concepts with Body, Mind and Soul Alignment which draws from 5 Elements wisdom used in many ancient healing methods.

  • We’ll have fun while engaging in experiential learning for lasting results.
  • We guarantee our time together will be insightful, and inspire transformation.
  • You’ll receive a personalized tool kit to help you get back on track.

You’ll receive a follow up Coaching Session with Vanessa or Lynne as an added bonus.  Check out our calendar to see when the next one is scheduled and book your spot!


Being Conscious in the Present Moment
This one-hour workshop introduces the foundation tools of grounding and centering and helps participants to focus in the present.

Owning Your Energetic Space
This two-hour workshop focuses on developing self-awareness by being grounded and centered in your body. It also explores the benefits of being energetically separate from others by defining and owning our energetic space.


Energy Tools for Coaches and Healers This rich and potent one-day class introduces simple and effective tools to manage your energy and be more consciously present for your clients. Through meditations and exercises you will deepen your experience of being grounded and centered, and learn techniques to:
– own your energetic space and have clear boundaries,
– cleanse and replenish your energy system,
– clear and own your 7 major chakras.
Practicing these techniques heightens your sensitivity to energy and your awareness of show it affects the client relationship.This class is also beneficial to anyone who wants to learn the basics of energy awareness.

Spiritual Awareness classes teach basic tools to increase your awareness of being spirit in a body, and to manage your energy. Meditation and exercises develop your ability to:
– become more present and conscious of yourself as spirit
– be in the moment and make conscious, healing choices
– have clear, real communication with yourself and others
– create your reality consciously
You will experience the aliveness of yourself as spirit and the essence of your unique energy. Incorporating these tools and concepts into a daily practice can bring more ease and simplicity into your life.The class is typically offered in 8 weekly, 2-1/2 hour evening sessions. It can also be delivered over 4 one-day sessions, usually on consecutive weekends.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information by phone or e-mail.