LIVE Personal Development

Are there areas of your life that you want to improve?  Lynne is well versed in supporting those with personal growth and development goals in their emotional or spiritual life.

According to current theory, all decisions are made emotionally, not logically – despite the pride some of us take in our logical, analytical approaches.   Marshaling the facts and talking yourself into doing what’s best for yourself just plain isn’t enough for 99% of us — and why IS that, anyhow?

It’s because our EMOTIONS determine how well we are able to carry out our intentions, and indeed, our feelings make the final and binding decision as to IF we can carry out our plans at all.

LIVE coaching programs and individual sessions can help you get down to brass tacks and uncover the emotional logic behind your actions, and in so doing, help you move ahead confidently into your intentions, knowing that your entire internal team is on board and rowing together toward that once-so-distant shore.

LIVE Spiritual Development
Defining spirituality as knowing yourself as pure consciousness or essence and having that experience in your body is the basis of this work. It is not tied to any particular religion or dogma. Knowing yourself as spirit expands your conscious awareness. It increases your capacity to disengage from current concepts of reality that no longer serve you. With this awareness you have access to, and can select from, a broader spectrum of possibilities to define your unique path. You have the freedom to choose and the responsibility to create your own reality. With intention and trust all manner of things are possible. All LIVE Spiritual Development services are based on this philosophy.