Business Coaching

“I found Lynne to be very knowledgeable, insightful, supportive and helpful. She obviously is an expert in her field.  I would recommend her to any new business owner who is looking to learn and grow their business with a solid foundation.” Christine Byrne, CEO Asthma Care Canada Inc.


Leadership Coaching

“I am so thrilled with the positivity that has come from our coaching sessions. Lynne’s approach is open and honest. She provides opportunities for discussion and reflection. I have had many “Aha” moments both in our sessions and since. She has provided me with tools and insight that have proven invaluable in the art of leadership…. I am connecting with my staff, they feel valued and are working hard. Some have shared feedback:

“… your support and kindness make a huge difference in my life. A person cannot help but be affected by your energy that is both positive and uplifting. I look to you as a mentor, and as someone that I hold in high regard.”

Another sees me as “…a model of professionalism.”

Wow – thank you for all you have given me!!!

CP, Manager, Community Housing


Other Professional Coaches

“I just had a profound session with Lynne. It was one of many I have had with her over the past few years. She has a totally unique approach that melds intuitive work with coaching in a way that is totally different, dynamic and deeply moving.  It leads to practical, applicable results. Her intuitive approach allows you to understand what is happening in your life, while aiding you in making transformations. Lynne summarizes what she hears you say and helps set priorities that work for you. She is a truly genuine coach, with lots of heart and clarity throughout the process.” Vanessa Wiebel, Professional Certified Coach


“As a trained coach, facilitator, adult educator and solo-entrepreneur I’m well versed in the coaching field and know a good coach when I experience one. Lynne holds space wonderfully, asks the right questions, helps me focus and access productive states, gives me space to work through challenges and encourages me to celebrate my successes. With decades of experience as a coach and a small business consultant, she is a lifelong student herself, always studying, learning new models, techniques and theories that help to keep her sessions relevant, current and applicable.

“Lynne’s help has been invaluable to me. I’ve had a couple of key challenging moments when I was really struggling – sessions with her at these crucial times have been the difference between walking away and making it all come together. I’ve now been doing what I love for a number of years, my work feels more integrated, and more authentic than ever. Having Lynne as a coach has been crucial to my current success.” Danya Davis Teacher, Facilitator, Coach, Entrepreneur & Acrobat Founder of FemPower Acro, SuperHero Circus Academy and the co-founder of Justice Movement.


Individual Coaching

Letter from an ongoing client:

“Dear Lynne,

Where I was:

“I started in a dark place, and could see only vague, shadowy outlines of what the future might hold. My steady employment was gone and my finances were precarious. I felt alone despite the efforts of my loving – but untrained – family and friends. Possible pathways shifted underfoot, and I couldn’t make out how I would get from there into a place of light, abundance, security and confidence.

“Looking around, I could see glimmers that showed me I wasn’t entirely trapped, and ahead, I could see a faint glow on the horizon, heralding a new day coming. I was uncertain of moving toward it in this gloaming, afraid of tripping on some of the difficult-to-see-and-navigate barriers lying between me and that new day.

“Like a friendly, guiding spirit, Lynne appeared, helping me shine light onto the pathways and helping me choose the most direct, effective route through the shadowy obstacles in front of me.

“Lynne showed me how to hold a lantern for myself so I could move ahead. She stayed with me, easing my fears and enabling the discovery that some barriers are springboards: that I have assisting tools, equipment and transportation toward my goals.

Where I am:

“We keep working together, and forward movement comes faster and easier, helping me see,  understand, and act on next steps with growing confidence and strength. It’s much lighter  around me. I know that I’m doing the necessary work to locate the right path to my right place.

“Dawn has broken for me, the sun is rising and I see other people on the same kind of personal journey. Some still grope at the beginning and others are far ahead of me, but all are working their way through their own terrain and obstacles toward clarity and confidence.

“With deepest gratitude for your support and help,

“LM, Entrepreneur & Artist”